Technical Services

We have the capability to receive drawings and documents electronically. This information is then transferred to our bespoke listing system which produces clear, concise works orders and coded part lists for our fabrication shop. Our continual re-investment in research and development of our systems and staff helps us process orders quickly and efficiently, enabling us to lead the way in the fabrication market.

Semi Automated Welding

Using proven technology, the welding of branch and socket outlets can be performed on a wide variety of metals including mild steel and stainless. The results are high quality welds which can be produced much faster. These quick, efficient methods maintain high productivity whilst keeping ASLR Fabrication Services competitive.

Manual Welding

Using coded welders accredited to BS EN 287-1 standard, we employ modern techniques and equipment to carry out our procedures. We realise the importance of quality and are highly skilled at producing welded fabrication in all types of steel. We can also offer non-destructive x-ray testing if required.

Roll Grooving

We have the capacity to roll groove pipework from 25mm up to 350mm nominal bore for use with any brand of the mechanical pipe jointing systems. All of our machines are regularly maintained and our grooves are constantly checked to ensure they are within the required tolerances to improve speed and efficiency for installation on site.


We are able to produce BSP & NPT pipework threads between 15mm and 100mm nominal bore. Malleable iron pipe fittings are 'made on' to their optimum torque setting using our purpose built machinery. Threaded joints are formed using an anaerobic thread locking solution, which cures to form a watertight rigid seal.

Shot Blasting

This process creates an effective way of preparing a surface for re-coating. We operate to a minimum SA 2.5 cleanliness (Swedish Visual Standard), leaving products free from grease, oil, paint or other impurities. Our in-line shot blasting facility and separate 'tumble blaster' are environmentally controlled so the atmosphere is clean ensuring first class preparation is achieved.

Powder Coating

Our in-house facility allows us to cater for fabrication up to 9m in length, grooved pipe fittings and other suitable products. We offer a range of textured finishes from matt through to gloss in any RAL / BS number available using epoxy, epoxy polyester or polyester powder. All of our pipe work is powder coated within 15minutes of the shot blasting process giving a hard and durable protective finish with excellent adhesion, chemical and mechanical resistance together with an aesthetically pleasing appearance. A self adhesive label is then applied to each individual pipe detailing contract information and a specific pipe code, which can later be removed during the pipework installation.


Using reputable local companies we are able to offer a hot-dip galvanised finish to our pipework fabrication. All galvanising supplied by ASLR Fabrication Services Ltd conforms fully to the coatings requirements of BS EN ISO 1461.1999. However, we can also offer an alternative highly protective external finish - For more information on this product, please visit our PowderGalv® page.


We have a modern fleet of vehicles ranging from our express van through to our flat bed Scanias with on-board crane offloading facilities. All of our fabricated products leave our works 'capped and plugged' to guarantee both safety during transportation and protection whilst on site. Our drivers are fully trained and certified enabling ASLR Fabrication Services to transport materials safely and efficiently anywhere at any time.